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In this support article you will read how to split invoices.

It is only possible to split draft invoices for owners. You hereby give an owner the opportunity to pay an invoice in an X-number of equal installments. By splitting the invoice and not working with payment terms, you also only have to pay the VAT on the invoice amount of the relevant invoice and not on the original amount.

1. Find the invoice you wish to split. If the invoice has already been sent, you will first have to credit this invoice and create a new invoice;
2. Click Split invoice;

split invoice 1

3. Determine the number of installments in which the invoice can be paid (the number of partial invoices), how many months there should be between the invoices and when the first invoice should be sent;
4. Click Split invoice to split the invoice.

split invoice 1.1.2

The draft invoice that has just been split has now been removed and divided into partial invoices.

The invoices that have to be sent in the future will show up in the overview of draft invoices on the day of the month on which it must be sent. Fo example; the first invoice was sent on November 15. It is indicated that invoices must be sent monthly, the next draft invoice will then be visible on December 15.

By clicking the& Partial invoices link you can view all the partial invoices related to this invoice.

split invoice 2 right
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