Measuring reservations from channels who aren't connected

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This article explains how to measure bookings from channels who aren't connected.

1. Step 1: First, create a channel
2. Step 2: Create special links to your website

It is also possible to measure reservations for parties with whom you do not have an "automatic" connection. By adding a special value to the links used by a party to send visitors through to your website.

Step 1: First, create a channel

If you have already created the channel you can continue to the next step.

1. Use the gear icon in the upper right corner to navigate to Administration settings;
2. Select Channels in the right submenu;
3. Click New to create a new channel;
4. Select Other to create a channel yourself;

5. Enter the channel details;
6. Enter a unique feature (without spaces or special characters) at the Referrer heading. This unique feature will be used to measure reservations. For example: ruudsreisbureau (the name of the channel);

7. Click Create channel.

Step 2: Create special links to your website

By adding the parameter "referrer" with value "ruudsreisbureau" to the links to your website, reservations will be connected to the channel.


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