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This article explains the different links and channels.

1. Direct connections
2. Connection through Qenner
3. ICal connections
4. Affiliate marketing
5. Monitoring different links

If you want to increase the number of reservations you can collaborate with 1 or more channels ('tour operators'). You can put your offer at the website of these parties (for a fee) so you might be able to atrract new guests from these parties. 

The connection may be different for each channel. This means that the processing of a reservation can be different (per channel) as well. Some parties make invoices for the guest by themselves so the guest will do payment to this party (channel). Other parties only make reservations with you in the system after which you have to take care of the invoicing yourself. 

Direct connections

There is a direct connection when reservations go directly into your reservation system, with the correct invoice for the guest and/or the channel.  There are two types of direct links.

  • Direct (push) connections > We have a direct connection with the following parties where we send the data to them and update it when needed:
    - Expedia; 
    - Interhome; 
    - Traum-Ferienwohnungen;
  • Direct (pull) connections > We have a direct connection with the following parties whereby they retrieve the data from our system. They do this periodically and this varies per party. For this connection, it is necessary that the type is not archived, has images, has prices, and (at least) an accommodation that is open for rent.
    - Belvilla @Leisure (also: VillaXL and; 
    - Hometogo (also: Casamundo). 
    - Camping and Co; 
    - PeOos;
    - Ferienhausmiete;
    - Bestcamp;
    - Vakantie Friesland; 
    - Vakantie Veluwe; 
    - BookUnited
    - Eenhuisjehuren
     (Vakantie Friesland, Vakantie Veluwe and Eenhuisjehuren are one and the same organization);
    - HomeAway. HomeAway is a full content link.

Connection through Qenner

Qenner is an intermediary that can link your organization with many channels. This is a pull link, so Qenner retrieves the data from Booking Experts. Qenner then forwards this information to the desired channels. How often this synchronization takes place differs per channel. Qenner synchronizes the rental prices, mandatory and additional costs. This is also communicated to the channels.You must contact Qenner yourself and conclude a contract there. Qenner can tell you the rates of the channels for which it is the intermediary and what information is needed to make a link.

   - BungalowS;  
   - BungalowSpecials;
   - VVV Texel;
   - Voordeeluitjes;
   - ACSI / Suncamp;
   - Pitchup;
   - Campingvision; (consumer name: Allcamps). Note: It is advisable to determine in the contract that buying on your brand name is not allowed, because otherwise they will advertise on your brand name. This makes advertising on your own brand name more expensive and people who search for you directly, can end up on the Allcamps website and make a more expensive booking for you;

   - Vodatent;
   - ANWB Camping (Camping/Ucamping/MyCamping/ (These links run via Ctoutvert. Ctoutvert controls the distribution for these channels. Qenner receives everything via one channel, namely the Ctoutvert channel). Note: In Ctoutvert's system, you must manually set the cost items. This is not necessary for many other channels. Ctoutvert cannot read out cost centres in the Qenner connection. If you need help with this, please contact Ctoutvert. 

iCal connections

An iCal link means that availability is synchronized between two calendars. This is done by exchanging so-called 'links' or codes between the two agendas. Many parties, with which there is no direct link, can link via iCal.

   - AirBnB;
   - Wimdu;
   - Flipkey;
   - Go!Parcs;
   - Micazu;
   - Atraveo;
   - TUI;
   - Natuurhuisje;
   - Novasol;
   - Boekjebungalow.

Affiliate marketing

With affiliate marketing you are rewarded for forwarding visitors via an advertisement on your website. If a forwarded visitor then makes a reservation, the Affiliate will receive a reward for this. Tradetracker arranges affiliate marketing. You can distribute advertisements to the affiliated websites via their platform. This link ensures that TradeTracker can automatically create advertisements for your accommodations.
   - Facebook Ads; 
   - Google Ads; 
   - Marktplaats; 
   - Google Hotel Ads.

Monitoring different links

Booking Experts monitors the links for errors. In addition, you also have insight into the status of a link. You can see this with both direct push and direct pull connections. Below is an example of both options:

  • There is a green circle at, which means that the connection, prices and availability have recently been updated without errors;
  • At Belvilla we show a graph about how much activity there has been from the channel on the connection. When you hover over a bar with your mouse, you will see a number. This is the number of times the channel has drawn from the link in the last 24 hours.
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