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This article explains the operation of the iCal.

1. Export availability
2. Import availability
3. Converting iCal blocks to reservations
4. Accepting appointments without a domain
5. Filtering out AirBnB 'Not available' blocks
6. Notification no price when blocking convert the reservation
7. Synchronizing iCal frequency
8. Import only when there is no conflict
9. ICal block on grouped type
10. Transfer iCal periodes not possible

You can share the availability of the accommodation agenda with another (external) agenda. We call this synchronization of the calendars. The link that controls this is called iCal. You then paste a unique link of the accommodation in the external agenda and you paste the link of the external agenda at the accommodation in Booking Experts. The synchronization is updated by the system every 15 minutes.

Export availability

1. Search via the  General Search Field the accommodation that you want to synchronize the availability using iCal;
2. Select the tab  iCal;
3. With this link you can export the availibility to another channel.


Import availability

1. Click on  Add Ical URL to import availability;


2. Give the iCal channel a  Name;
3. Paste the URL in the venster; 

If you add an iCal url from 123boeken.nl, make sure you put &type=3 at the end of the url. This blocks blockades per reservation.
Example of received iCal: https://www.123boeken.nl/icalendar/hjgwqr7623874y2gr823tryuge
Example of iCal feed after adding: https://www.123boeken.nl/icalendar/hjgwqr7623874y2gr823tryuge&type=3

4. Select the  Channel you want to connect the reservations to;


When creating an iCal you have to select at least one domain.

5. Go to the accommodation and click on the tab  iCal;
6. Click on the iCal;
7. Check the domain and click on  Update iCal channel;


8. To start the import click  Import Now;
9. When the import is finished, you can see how many periods are imported and whether there are any conflicts in the occupation. To process the conflicts, click on the number of the conflicts;

ical conflicts

10. You will receive an internal message when reservations provide a conflict. You can instantly see which reservations indicate a conflict and you can directly adjust by clicking  Solve.

ical solve

Converting iCal blocks to reservations

An iCal block can be converted into a reservation. This allows the reservation to be processed through your own administration.

Please note! At the current time, the NAW data, company and invoice amounts have not yet been taken over. These will be added in a future update.

1. Click on the blocked period;
2. Choose  New reservation;

omzetten in reservering

3. To create an invoice, click  New Invoice;
4. The invoice will be drawn up based on the data from your own administration. You can, of course, adjust the invoice amounts.

omzetten naar reservering

Accepting appointments without a domain

When you import and export availability through one or more external parties and the iCal URL does not contain a domain, the following situation may occur.

Booking Experts will make a reservation. This availability will be exported to an external party through iCal. This party sets the period as blocked in the iCal calendar. Then, when the system imports availability, it shows up as blocked. Booking Experts then get a conflict because the period has already been taken. This is correct, but this is because it has already been taken by the reservation in question. The conflict is only due to not recognizing iCal as the same reservation. As an employee of Booking Experts, you will receive an external message that a conflict has occurred in the import. When you open this you will be able to see that it is about the reservation in question, so you can ignore the notification. We cannot prevent this.

When you want to import an iCal calendar, the system assumes that it's an iCal with a domain. If you cannot find this domain, a notification will come up on your screen. You can still use the iCal, however,  to accept agreements without a domain, so long as you take the above into account.

If an iCal calendar has got a domain, this situation will not occur because only the availability created by that domain will be retrieved.

Different parties use iCal in different ways. This leads to various problems. Some features that an iCal feed may or may not have:
Domain UIDs: This means that we can separate the reservations of several parties. The lack of this can cause problems when importing multiple feeds at one property.
Stable UIDs: This means that the uid of one reservation is always the same. Due to the lack of this, reservations cannot be taken over in the administration. It also causes many conflicts.
Data: This means that the feed contains data instead of specific times. This has no effect on import, but for a system that has dates in the iCal feed our feed (or any other feed with data) may not work.
An example of a situation where no stable UIDs are used:
Period 01-01 to 10-01 there is a reservation in system A, it would normally get = UID 1.
Period 11-01 to 18-01 there is a reservation in Booking Experts, it would normally get = UID 2.
Period 19-01 to 22-01 has blocked the owner for maintenance, which would normally get = UID 3.
The other system can then provide their own IDs to this, so that we can no longer match them in the system, this creates conflicts. The other system can also make 1 block of this = ID 4. Which also causes conflicts.
You then adjust something in your reservation, it is canceled.
The iCal will forward this to their system. But because the ID does not match, they do not remove the block, but return it. It may also be that before they have processed it, ID 4 from the example of 1 long blockade has already been loaded again.
The period is blocked again (another conflict occurs, because none of the other IDs match those of 4).
That blockade (ID 5) is also sent back to their system. Resulting in yet another complete blockade (ID 4).

Filtering out AirBnB 'Not available' blocks

Since AirBnB does not match blocks with what's being sent by Booking Experts, it can happen that an iCal feed results in blocks being created under 'Not available'.

This is inconvenient as it can significantly reduce your availability. To remedy it, you can add a filter at the concerned iCal feed. This filter ensures that blocks for which the note matches or contains certain words will not be put in place and that you won't receive an internal message about it.

1. Go to the accommodation you want to change the feed for;
2. Go to the iCal tab;
3. Click  Edit to edit the iCal link;

Edit iCal

4. At Filter, you can determine what the filter needs to do to ignore these messages;
5. Save the changes.

Now you will no longer receive internal messages from alerts that contain the 'not available' message.

edit ical filter

Notification no price when blocking convert the reservation

When converting a block to a reservation it is possible to recieve a message that it is not possible because no price has been determined, even though prices have been entered. 

When you recieve this notification, the reservation probably has a different period compared to the prices entered. For example, if you have a weekend price from Friday to Monday and a block from Friday to Sunday, Booking Experts cannot charge a price for the period and therefore cannot create the reservation.

You must then temporarily create a price period that matches the period for which the block was made. You can then convert the block to a reservation and retrieve the price just created from your price list.

Synchronizing iCal frequency

Booking Experts both sends and retrieves everything through the iCal within a maximum of 20 minutes. The frequency at AirBNB is lower, so it only occurs once per hour there. Booking Experts has no influence on the frequency of AirBNB sending blockades.

Import only when there is no conflict

Not entering a domain in the iCal feed may lead to an unnecessary amount of internal messages about conflicts. In the iCal link you can now indicate that you only wish to import when the imports do not cause a conflict.

Import iCal

iCal block on grouped type

When an iCal block comes in on a grouped type, the underlying accommodations will not be blocked automatically.

You want to prevent the underlying accommodations from being bookable when the grouped type is being reserved. This can be achieved bycreating blocks on the underlying accommodations yourself.

In order to notify you about an iCal block on a grouped type, we will send you an internal message. This internal message can be resolved by creating a reservation for the grouped type: the reservation blocks the underlying accommodations as well.

The underlying accommodations will not be blocked via the iCal automatically because you want to have the option as an organization not to offer  the group during a specific period while still offering the separate accommodations.

ical grouped

Transfer iCal periods not possible

Within the iCal link you can receive conflicts. Sometimes, for example, you have periods that overlap. This may be because a booking has been changed. In many cases we show the option to overwrite the periods. If you choose to override the periods, the overlapping periods will be removed.

Note: You can only transfer manually created periods. Manually created means: periods created by you as an organization or by the owner. You cannot overwrite other iCal periods, otherwise this will be automatically re-imported via the iCal if the iCal synchronizes again.

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