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This article explains the difference in channels and how to create a channel in Booking Experts.

1. Create channel
2. General
3. Setting the price factor
4. Payment policy
5. Invoicing
6. Contact details

You can indicate which channels you are cooperating with on park level. Reservations can be linked to these channels. Details from statistics can be filtered by different channels. 

Create channel

1. Use the gear icon in the upper right corner to navigate to Administration settings;
2. Select Channels in the right submenu; 
3. Click New to create a new channel;
4. Select a channel from the list or select Other to create a channel yourself. 

Nieuw kanaal aanmaken


When you create a new channel that is not on the list, it is important to know how the invoicing proceeds. Based on this, the channel is a  tour operator or a reseller. If the channel is a tour operator, payment will happen through that channel. If it is a reseller, you collect yourself. 

If there is an API-connection, you can determine whether the other party can view all data of all your reservations (including reservations that were not made via this channel). This can be useful for that party for marketing purposes (for example).

If there is an API-connection, should the working method of this connection be the same as with reservations via the website? Then you can check this option. 

New channel

Setting the price factor

You can increase the prices for reservations that come in through the channel in question by a certain percentage. Or lower it. By default the price factor is set to 1.0, this means that there is no discount or increase. If you enter 1.1, it means that you increase the price by 10%. If you enter 0.9, the price will be reduced by 10%. You can set this for all channels as required. The price calculation is processed in the rent and is not visible to the guest.
Please note: entering a price factor below 1.0 means that you are processing a 'discount' via this channel for all types compared to your price list. So if you enter 0.0 it means that you give a 100% discount.

Payment policy

You can set the payment policy for each channel. If the channel is a reseller, it is only possible to set up the guest invoice payment policy. If the channel is a tour operator, you must set up the payment policy for both the channel and guest invoice.


By invoicing you can decide how a reservation should be processed:
- Can a reservation be confirmed directly or should this happen manually?
- Should a channel invoice be sent to the channel?
- Will the guest invoice be paid upon arrival?

Decide how many days after the end date of the reservation the channel invoice should be paid. In case different currencies are applicable, you can decide which currency should be charged for this channel.

invoicing channels

Contact details

Enter contact details of the channel and save changes.

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