Booking through map

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This article explains how to create, furnish and book through a map.

1. Upload map
2. Assign markers
3. Adjust markers
4. Delete markers
5. Activate map
6. Calculating preference costs

When you have a map, you can use it to let the visitor choose a accommodation on the map during the reservation process. This allows the visitor to choose his/her perfect accommodation. To do this you need the "Map" module. When the module is available, a new tab will appear in the right side menu of the "Accommodations" tab. Please request to set up the map module for your organization. 

Upload map

You upload a map as follows:
1. Go to the Setup tab;
2. Select Map in the right menu;
3. Select the desired file;
Note: Make sure you can upload a good quality map. Preferably use the .png format.
4. Click the Upload button.
Uploading may take a while, because in the background we ensure that the map looks perfect. By refreshing the page you can see if the map has been uploaded. When the map is uploaded, the available accommodations can be marked. You can read allabout that below.

Assign markers

In the left column you will find an overview of the number of accommodations that have already been registered and the accommodation that have not been processed yet. This list does not have to be empty; you may have grouped accommodations that cannot be registered. 

Mark the map as follows:
1. Click on the marker at the top left of the map;
2. Click in the middle of the accommodation so that it is clear which accommodation it concerns;

3. Click on the drop-down menu and select the desired accommodation;
4. Finally click on the button Save.

Note: Did you accidentally link the wrong accommodation? Then you can easily adjust this by clicking on the marker. You then click on the drop-down menu and select another accommodation. Then click the Save button.

Adjust markers

Have you placed the markers incorrectly? You can change the position on the map.
1. Click on the square with pencil at the top left of the card;
2. You can now click on a marker. Hold down the mouse and drag the marker to the desired location;
Note: You can do this for multiple markers at the same time.
3. Click the Save button at the top left.

Delete markers

You may want to remove markers altogether, for example if you rearrange part of your terrain.
1. Click on the trash can at the top left of the map;
2. You can now click on the markers you want to remove;
Note: You can delete multiple markers at the same time by clicking on each marker.
3. Click the Save button at the top.

Activate map

Once you have registered all accommodations, you can activate the map by turning the slider.

Calculating preference costs

You can charge the guest for extra costs if they reserve specific accommodation on the map. For this, you create an expense whereby you indicate that there were  Preference Costs

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