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Measurers readings will let you, among other things settling usage with the owner and the renter. Isn't the the module yet setup for you? Send an e-mail to so we can setup.

1. Enter price per unit
2. Enter measurers readings for settlement with owner
3. Charge the owner with GWE
4. Set off GWE against the invoice
5. Charging meter readings to the tenant
6. Collecting meter readings via link
7. Import/export meter readings in bulk
8. Meter reading invoicing and check from the overview

Enter price per unit

Before you can bill owners or renters with meter readings, you will have to enter the price per unit for each meter. You can use a price with different tariffs, such as an off-peak tariff, peak tariff or a combination.

Enter measurers readings for settlement with owner

You can enter measurers readings per accommodation. With the difference in measurers readings and the price per unit, you can send an invoice to the owner for usage.

1. Go to the  Accommodations tab;
2. Choose the  Accommodations tab in the right submenu;
3. Select the accommodation you wish to enter meter readings for or search for the accommodation via the  General Search;
4. Go to the  Measurers readings tab;
5. Enter the data and click  Save;

6. A settlement to the owner can be made after at least two readings. A settlement will be made to the owner  active on the last date of the settlement.

Charge the owner with GWE

1. Go to the accommodation's show page;
2. Click on  Meter readings;
3. Select the  data you wish to settle the difference of;
4. Click on  Create invoice.
An invoice will now be automatically made with the relevant settlement.
You can then settle this invoice amount with the paid advance.

Set off GWE against the invoice

Once you have created an invoice to settle the GWE you can choose on the invoice for 'Credit invoice rule'.

A screen pops up now. Here you can search for, for example, advances and choose the owner's invoice this advance has been charged to. This will be deducted from the invoice.

Charging meter readings to the tenant

You can charge meter readings to a tenant. When you use this option, you can enter a starting reading upon check-in, an end reading upon check-out and create a meter reading on the order.

Edit type

First, you'll have to determine per type whether you want to settle measurements with the tenant

1. Via the  General Search Screen, search for the type you would like to edit;
2. Next, click  Edit;
3. At  Details, you'll have the option to check Settlement meter readings with customer.

Check in and out reservation

Upon checking in the reservation, you will be asked for the starting measurements of the meters. If you don't know, you'll be asked again upon checking out.

Upon checking out the reservation you will be asked for an end reading of the meters. When entering it and checking 'Create measurement invoice', the invoice will be created automatically. If you uncheck the option you'll still have the opportunity to create a measurement invoice afterwards.

If you have already entered a measurers reading and it falls on the same day as the check-out date, it will be entered automatically. If you have not yet entered a measurers reading, you can do this when checking out the reservation.

Creating measurement invoice after check-out

When a reservation has already been checked out, you can still create a measurements invoice afterwards.

1. Navigate to the reservation overview of the reservation you would like to create an invoice for;
2. Next, click  More;
3. Choose  Create meter readings invoice;

4. If you haven't done so already, enter the meter readings;

5. Next, click  Create meter readings invoice;

6. The order has been changed, only for settling the meter readings;
7. When an advance has been charged at the reservation, you can credit the invoice line for the advance for this invoice.
8. Send the invoice  Manually or per email if an email address is known.

Upon check-in of a subsequent reservation at this accommodation, the end reading of the previous reservation will be used as a starting reading.

Collecting meter readings via link

When using a link with, for example ICY, you can choose to automatically enter and collect this information when checking in or out.

Import/export meter readings in bulk

You can export all meter readings taken in the past in one go. From this overview you can also enter the new meter readings all at once.

1. Go to the  Accommodations tab;
2. Choose  Meter Readings from the submenu on the right;
3. Choose the meters you want to view/enter in the filter;
4. Select the  accommodation type and use the labels to enter meter readings faster and more effectively;
5. Enter the  date when a new reading should be taken;
6. Choose the  number of readings in the past that you want to view/export.

You may enter the new readings here. By using TAB you can directly jump to the next field. You can enter all meter readings, and the meter readings will be added to the Meter Readings overview at the Accommodation so you can send an invoice to the owner. You can export this overview by clicking  Export.

Note! It is not possible to enter meter reading values lower than the previous value. This is only possible at the accommodation itself, i.e. when you want to start a new meter.

8. Meter reading invoicing and check from the overview

Booking Experts keeps track of whether all meter readings have been settled with an owner. From this overview you can quickly see which period has been recorded and whether it has already been invoiced or not. To do this you need to go through the following steps:
1. Go to the tab Setup;
2. Click in the side menu on Meter readings;
3. In the top right corner, click on Invoices overview;
4. Here you can find a summary to check if meter reading invoices have been created. Invoices that overlap with the reference date are shown in the list. By default we set this to the most common last recording date;
If a meter reading has been recorded but not invoiced it will be shown as No Invoice in the overview.
5. Click on the name of the accommodation;
TIP! Use CRTL + Click, or CMD + Click to open the screen in a new tab and easily invoice all accommodations.
6. You will be directed to the overview of the recorded meter readings of the accommodation. By default, the last two recording dates are selected here;
7. Check the meter readings and click on Make Invoice;
8. The invoice will be prepared in draft form, after which you can settle or send it.
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