You can freely add buttons to your page. Behind these buttons you can place a link to which the visitor will be directed to when they click on the button. 

Place button

1. Click on the green + sign in the area where you want to add the button;
2. Then click Button


1. Give the button a name. 


Determine for which languages the button should be available. 


1. Choose a URL or a Pop up;
2. If you chose a URL, enter the URL. If you selected Pop up, you can select the pop up the customer will be referred to. 
3. Indicate if a new window should be opened when the button is clicked. 


Determine how the button is displayed: 

- Positioning (below the text, to the right, etc.)
- Type of button (standard, variation, etc.)
- Icon (add an icon to you button)
- Position of icon (right, left)

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