Change request for prices or details

It is possible, if you have the rights to do so, to request changes to the rates or data of your object(s). When you are logged in, the Details button is displayed next to the object. You can click this button to go to the detailed overview of the accommodation.

Here you can view the general data and/or the price list. To request a change, click on Request Change, after which you can explain what you want to change and why.

To request a price change you must first open the Price List tab on the right side of your screen, here you can enter prices per week. With the price generator (in the blue column) you can enter all prices for several weeks at once.

Attention! Do not forget to save the price list.

Your request is now submitted to the park or organization. Through a reception message you will, if necessary, be kept informed by one of the employees of the park or organization.

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