Monthly email report

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It is possible to receive an email report from Booking Experts. The email report contains information about the most important statistics for the parks you have access to. For example: an overview of the reservations, the booked rent revenue and the number of stays. The email setting is an organization-level setting.

Follow the steps below to activate the monthly email report.

1. Go to the  Statistics tab;
2. Click  Email settings in the right submenu;
3. Select  Receive the above email;
4. Click  Save settings. 

Email settings

You will receive the displayed overview on every first day of the month, obviously applicable for the correct period. You can click on the links in the mail. You then go directly to the correct statistics in Booking Experts. See the image above as an example. In the overview you will also find the parks to which you have access to and whose information you receive. 

Note: you cannot send the email to someone else.

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