(Realized) Revenue

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Revenue is calculated based on the total amount of the invoice, calculated on the date of the reservation confirmation. Realized revenue can be viewed by filtering on 'divided over length of stay' after clicking on  More. Realized revenue does not take into account whether someone has checked out or whether the invoice has been paid.

(Realized) revenue can be viewed in the statistics. Revenue can among others be split into:

  • Per rental segmen;
  • Per type;
  • Per accommodation;
  • Per channel;
  • Per discount action;
  • Per traffic source;
  • Per day/week/month/quarter/year. 

By clicking on  More, you can view the statistics and you can use the filters. In addition, it is possible to display the statistics as a stack (pile) column, column, line or chart. You can refine the statistics by using the filters.

You can also add this data to a report and make it an export.

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