Overview of poule settlement

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This article explains the current poule statistics and the distribution of points per reservation.

If a settlement is made within a poule, no statement of previous settlements is shown. You will receive the following overview within a poule settlement:

  • Current poule statistics: Please note! this is only shown when the settlement is up-to-date.
    • This shows an overview of:
      • The number of available points in the period;
      • The number of points awarded in the period;
      • The number of agreement in the group;
      • The number of points per agreement;
      • The number of subtracted points;
      • The number of points awarded to the relevant settlement.
  • An explanation, per reservation, regarding the calculation and the point distribution of the settlement.

Please note! You can only view the reservations made on your own accommodation, this is shown in blue in the overview of reservations.

If there are subtracted points, you can also get this in an overview by clicking on the number.

In addition, the totals which are calculated in the pool are also visible.
The totals in the pool calculated are visible. These components are:

  • Total rent turnover
  • Paid rent turnover
  • Total commission
  • Total pass on costs

Side note: the owner also sees this in the specification of the settlement in the owners' portal

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