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The rent distribution looks at the realized rent and the rent to be realized per type and per accommodation. You can view the rent to be realized per month. You can also see which accommodation has a higher rental turnover and which accommodation has a lower rental turnover. You can respond to this by adjusting the priority of the accommodation. Reservations are initially made on a higher priority accommodation, followed by medium and low priority accommodations.

1. General
2. Overview rental distribution
3. Rental distribution accommodation
4. Priority clusters
5. Priority packages


The rental distribution checks the period of the stay, and not the creation date of the booking. So, say that a booking is made in August for a stay in September. The rental revenue (and accompanying bookings) will be displayed in the month September.

Follow the steps below to view the rental distribution:

1. Click on the  Statistics tab;
2. In the right submenu, click  Rental distribution.

Overview rental distribution

The rental distributions overview displays the types, rental revenue of the last 12 months and rental revenue spread over the months. This means that you can compare last year's rental revenue with this year's.

By hovering over the block of a given month you will get insight about the private use of the owner and the rental revenue from bookings. Select a block to see an overview of the bookings that have been made on the type in that given period.

It is also possible to view the rental revenue of an underlying accommodation. Select the type to do this. The underlying accommodations will then be shown. It is also possible to use the search bar here if needed.

Rent distribution type

Please note! It is possible for the booking to show overlap (the booking spans two months). At overlap, the rent will be proportionally divided over these two months. The rent is always shown without VAT. Possible discounts will be subtracted from the rent price. The rental distribution is updated every night.

Rental distribution accommodation

You can find the accommodation number, the commission agreement, the owner, the priority, the revenue of the last 12 months and the rental revenue spread over the months in the rental distribution overview of a specific accommodation.

It is possible to set the priority per accommodation. For example: Accommodation A has a higher revenue than accommodation B, and you would like to make this more equal. In this case, assign accommodation B  high priority. Assign accommodation A average (or low) priority. New bookings will be made to the high priority accommodation.

How to edit the priority:

1. Go to the  Statistics tab;
2. Click  Rental distribution in the right submenu;
3. Click type;
4. If needed, use the search bar and edit the priority.

When two accommodation both are marked with high priority, rental revenue will not be taken into account during booking. By editing the priority of accommodations in the rental distribution the priority of the corresponding accommodation will be automatically changed.

Rent distribution accommodation

For example, two accommodations belong to the same type, and one of which has high priority while the other has low priority. Both accommodations have the same characteristic, for instance a jacuzzi (at accommodation level). When a guest books this type with jacuzzi as characteristic, the booking will be made to the accommodation with the highest priority.

Priority clusters

A cluster encompasses multiple accommodations. For example, you work with clusters and have set the clusters as follows:

Cluster 1: accommodation 1; high priority, accommodation 2; high priority
Cluster 2: accommodation 3; average priority, accommodation 4; low priority

The booking will be made to cluster 1, since both underlying accommodations in this cluster have high priority.

Priority packages

The priority of the underlying accommodations will also be taken into account when using packages. The bookings made to this type will be made based on the order of priority of the underlying accommodations.

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