Booking Experts - Ratings

By using a widget, you can display the average of all reviews on your website. There are widgets for displaying reviews from Booking Experts, but also widgets for displaying external review parties.

1. Reviews widget Booking Experts
2. Reviews widget - external review provider (Kiyoh, Zoover)

Reviews widget Booking Experts

1. Click the green [+] sign in the section in which you would like to add the widget;
2. Then click Reviews in the Booking Experts section;
3. You do not have to enter any other information;
4. Save the widget.

Reviews widget - external review provider (Kiyoh, Zoover)

1. Make sure you receive an iframe link from your Review provider that can be used to upload a widget to your website;
2. Would you like to place a Zoover widget? Choose one of the review widgets here and copy the iframe;
3. In the CMS, go to the page you would like to place the widget on. Click the green [+] symbol in the grid you would like to add the widget to;
4. Next, click the widget HTML embed code in the Media section;
5. Here, add the iframe link to the HTML field;
6. Save the widget.

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