Overview of invoices

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This article explains the overview of invoices, various statuses and the structure of invoices.

It is possible to view the invoices that you have received from the park or organization.

To be able to make an overview of the different invoices there are filter options:

  • On period;   
  • Whether void invoices should be displayed;    
  • On invoice type:
    • Credit;
    • Meter readings;
    • Owner;
    • Periodic;
    • Rental settlement;
    • Tasks.
  • On accommodation. 

An invoice can have the following status:

    • Open;
      • The payment deadline of the invoice has not yet expired;
      • This still needs to be met, either by you or by you.
    • Paid;
      • The invoice has been settled.
    • Expired;
      • The payment deadline of the invoice has expired;
      • You can still pay the invoice by opening it and making a payment.

To view the relevant invoice, click on the invoice number. 

Here you get the following information:

  1. The payment status (for invoices to be paid the possibility to make the payment);
  2. The details of the invoice (invoice date, period of the invoice and the type of invoice);
  3. The contact details, these are your details;
  4. The content of the invoice with description;
  5. The possible payment deadline;
  6. The possibility to download the invoice or view it as a PDF.

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