Create email campaign

You can send newsletters/emails to your (future) clients via the Booking Experts email campaigns. To do this, you will first have to import the email addresses to send the newsletter to. Then, you create an email campaign in 5 steps.

1. Settings
2. Frontpage
3. Testing
4. Tagging
5. Scheduling


First, create an email campaign and enter the important information.

1. Select email campaigns in the left-hand menu;
2. Then click email campaigns in the sub-menu;
3. Click new in the top right to create a new email campaign;

4. Choose an email theme at theme;
5. Enter the desired title of your email campaign at subject;
6. Enter the desired description of your email campaign at description;
7. Enter the name of the sender of the email at sender name;

Info: you can enter your own name or the name of your company

8. Check show unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email;

Info: in this way, your recipients have the choice to unsubscribe from future emails.

9. Enter the address to which replies can be send at from address.
10. Finally, click save.

Info: you can leave the fields test group and without the following tags empty. You can fill them in later.


Then, it is time to create the layout and look of your email campaign. Add widgets to the grey blocks by clicking the green plus symbol. The blocks can be page-wide or split into columns of 2 or 3. The email campaign can contain 5 widgets:

1. Rich text
2. Image
3. Button
4. Divider
5. Social media

Rich text

Enter the titles and texts for your newsletter here.


Add images to your newsletter. Tip: enter a URL at link, so readers will be redirected to your website when clicking an image. Determine the size of your image in the email at width.


Use a call-to-action button in your newsletter, so visitors will be redirected to your website. There are various options here:

  • Name: text on the button
  • URL: URL of your website
  • Full width: button spanning the full width of your newsletter
  • Size: size of the button
  • Border: shape of the button
  • Style: colour of the button


Use dividers to create a blank space between widgets. At height you decide how many blank space you want.

Social media

Point out your social media channels. This is usually shown on the bottom of a newsletter. The only thing you have to do here is click save. Your social media channels appear automatically when they are set at organization settings.

General tips for content:

  • Write short newsletters with 2 different subjects at most.
  • Start with your company logo at the top.
  • Make use of the H1 and H2 for headers and sub-headers.
  • Use lists for readers who quickly scan the newsletter.
  • Check the newsletter always on mobile.

Preview button

By clicking preview in the top right, you can see what your widgets will look like on the front. This gives you an image of what your email campaign will look like. When you are happy with it, click save and go to next step.


The next step is to test the email campaign. You can do this in 3 different ways:

1. Preview the email in desktop size
2. Preview the email in mobile size

3. Send a test email to yourself or a test group. If you leave test group blank, the email will only be sent to you. Then click send an example to the test group and go to the next step.


Happy with your email campaign? Select the email addresses to send the email to. This can be easily done by using the tags you used for the email addresses.

1. Go to email addresses with tags and select the tags to which the email should be sent;
2. Go to and without the following tags and select the tags to which the email should not be sent;
3. Click save and go to next step.


Lastly, you will plan when the email campaign is to be sent. You can choose between 2 options:

1. Now: you will send your email campaign at this moment.
2. Later: select a date and time to send the email. The emails will be automatically sent on that date at that time.
3. Finally, click finish.

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