Assign ledger account

You assign cost items, the proceeds from the rent, commissions and products in the cash register to a general ledger account. This ledger account handles the financial registration in a certain way. The exact procedure depends on the settings of the organization and the general ledger account.

Assign ledger account

You assign a ledger to the correct costs. This will post the product in question to the correct general ledger account in the future. You do this in the following way:

A general ledger assigns you to the correct Costs. This will book the product in question to the correct Ledger accounts in the future.

To do this, create the desired ledgers. Go to Ledger accounts. Click on Allocations at the top. Here you will find an overview of all general ledgers. In the Ledger accounts column you can see which Costs have not yet been allocated. You can click on the item to go directly to the correct page where you assign the item to the correct ledger.

Unassigned ledgers are uncategorized

All Invoice items not associated with a Ledger account are posted to the following Ledger accounts by default:

  • Uncategorized Payments
  • Uncategorized Costs
  • Uncategorized revenue

By default, these Bills do not have a general ledger number in Booking Experts. As a result, they cannot be synchronized with your accounting package.

To get a properly balanced financial administration, you need to set up these items properly for the future and for the lines booked in the past.

Edit assigned general ledger account

You can change an assigned Ledger account. This will post the product in question to another/correct ledger account in the future. More about editing the assigned ledger account can be found in this support article.

Overview of ledger accounts

Ledger accounts can be used in various places in the system, for example for Costs, accommodation types, Commission agreements, etc.

In addition, a general ledger account can be used in journal entries processed in the Trial balance, in invoice or receipt lines and even in Payments.

To get a quick overview of where a Ledger account appears, you need to open the Ledger account. To do this, go to Ledger accounts and click on the name of the ledger account you want to see. On the right side you will find the items associated with this ledger.

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