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You can make a link between Booking Experts and Exact Online with which you can update your accounting in real time and automatically.

1. Linking Exact Online
2. Errors

Linking Exact Online

You can connect your Booking Experts and Exact Online account so you can update your accounting real-time and automatically. You can contact support@bookingexperts.nl if you want to make use of this.

1. Navigate in the headermenu to the Financial tab;
2. Select  Accounting integrations in the right submenu; 
3. Click  New accounting integration;

Exact online

4. Select  ExactOnline;
5. Click  Create accounting integration;

Exact online

6. To authorize Booking Experts, click  Authorize;

Exact online

7. Login to Exact Online with your own login details;
8. Return to Booking Experts and select Exact Online to edit;

Exact online

9. Select the correct administration with which you want to connect and enter all data;
10. Click  Update accounting integration;

Exact online

11. To synchronize, activate the  Active switch.

Exact online


  • Low (9.0%): Low (9.0%): Invalid: Type (VAT invoice to be paid) Invalid: Type (VAT invoice to be claimed)

The error message means that these journal entries can't be synchronized by the VAT codes. The type of account in Exact is not valid. You can solve this by adjusting the type in Exact.

  • Missing: VAT code
The VAT codes set in Booking Experts do not match the codes known in Exact Online. You need to adjust the VAT codes in Booking Experts to the code in Exact Online.
  • Journal entry from XXXX: Not allowed: VAT code
At Exact Online, the diary must be set to VAT.
  • The ledger account 1000 is now type '' Cash '' (10)
You can solve this by looking up the ledger in Exact and changing the type there so that it becomes a general account. Sometimes it is not possible to change a ledger account in Exact, for example if it is a fixed ledger account / diary accounts such as Cash and Bank or if it is a ledger account type of a category with restrictions.
In that case, you create a new account in Exact, because we use suspense accounts for the cash. Think of a ledger "greenhouse Booking Experts" with its own number. Then we put all cash on it from Booking Experts. We recommend using a separate number for this, so that you keep a good overview. The other numbers immediately show that different settings apply.
Please note that the new ledger must not be of the cash type, but a general account.
  • Journal entry: 07-07-2020: Blocked: Ledger account: 85071 - Turnover Cafeteria
You need to log in to Exact and unblock the ledger account. After that this can be resynchronised from Booking Experts.
  • Journal entry: 09-07-2020: Failed to parse response: { "error": "invalid_grant", "error_description": "The user is not active" }
A user sets the authorisation; in other words you give Booking Experts authorisation to make bookings in Exact Online on behalf of the user. If this user doesn't have access to Exact anymore the connection with Booking Experts will be broken. A new authorisation will have to be done by a user who still has access to Exact. 
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