Overview of reviews

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This article explains how to gain insight into the guest reviews on your accommodation (s).

It is possible, if you have the rights, to view the reviews made on your accommodation(s) with the different details.
To be able to search within the overview of the different reviews, there are filter options:

  • On period;
  • General search field;
  • On review version;
  • On visibility;
  • On answered or unanswered. 

You can see, per requested part, how guests assess their stay in your accommodation. In the overview we show:

  1. Reservation number with date of review;
  2. Possible answers to open questions (feedback);
  3. The language in which the guest entered the review;
  4. The average figure;
  5. The figures per part or question.

Please note! If an answer is not entered, then no points will be charged for this. As a result, it also does not count in the average.

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