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In this support article you will read what actions Booking Experts offers in the overview of settlements.

In the overview of the settlements you can check whether all rental settlements have been settled correctly. In addition, it is possible to make a final settlement to include any corrections to reservations, because it is possible that a retroactive reservation, which has already been settled, will be adjusted and the rental amount will change.

From this overview you can use various filter options such as the status of a rental settlement, period, group settlement, labels, without labels and owner. This allows you to specifically filter the rental settlements that you are looking for. In addition, it is possible to carry out a bulk promotion. There are various actions that you can use.

Every action has a different meaning. Each promotion is explained separately in a support article.

1. Select the desired action that you want to perform. This can for example be Copy;
2. Select the rental settlements for which you want to perform this action on the left;
3. Click Start.

Please note, it is important that an action is chosen first. The system will then indicate which settlements are eligible for these actions by showing a checkbox that can be checked.

Depending on the action you want to perform, the exclamation point icon may have a different meaning. It is possible that a settlement has already been invoiced and the existing rental settlement must first be credited. Or that there are settled settlements that settle (part of) the same period. This means that they must first be credited. It is also possible that a settlement is still in the concept phase so that you can recalculate it immediately.

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