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In this support article you will read how to work with rent settlements for owners in Booking Experts.

From the overview of the settlements it is also possible to be referred to the overview of the rental settlement and then perform an action. To do this, click on the total amount.

  • To open the rental settlement you can click on the invoice number;
  • You can also open the owner's appointment and accommodation from this overview;
  • Finally you will be forwarded to the overview of the owner.

When you have clicked on the total amount, you will see the settlement. Here you will find the above information on the left. In addition, the reservations that appear in the rental settlements are shown in this overview. If you click on the arrow, the explanation of the reservation will be displayed:

If you have a rental settlement that has already been confirmed and sent, it is not possible to make a correction to this rental settlement. To make a correction, you must first copy the rental settlement and then make a correction invoice.

If you want to copy the rental settlement, you can click the copy button. A new settlement will then be prepared. Please note, this settlement has not yet been made! That is why no invoice has been created yet. You can choose to recalculate the copied rental settlement before you start drafting the rental settlement. To do this, click on the Recalculate button. To make the draft rental invoice you will need to click on the Create concept correction invoice button. You can read more about this in the support articles Action copy and Action create concept correction invoice.

When you return to the overview of the rental settlement you see that the invoice number of the concept rental settlement is displayed. If you want to delete the concept rental invoice, you can click on the Delete button.

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