Outstanding expenses

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In this support article you can read how to view the outstanding expenses.

1. By date
2. From last year with a stay in the new year
3. Per debtor

By date

For your financial administration you might want to view outstanding expenses of a given date. For this, you can use the trial balance.

1. Go to the  Financial tab;
2. Choose  Trial Balance on the right submenu;
3. You can view outstanding expenses of the reservations, channels and owners balances;

open entries

4. By selecting a specific date in the filter you can view the outstanding expenses for that day.

Outstanding creditors

outstanding expenses

From last year with a stay in the new year

If you want to know what has been paid in 2020 for a stay in 2021, you can make an export of all sent invoices in 2020 and add together all outstanding amounts (after filtering out expiration date of reservation in 2021).

Per debtor

1. Go to tab  Financial;
2. Choose  Outstanding amounts in the right sub menu.

Outstanding creditors

By clicking on the  amount you get an overview of the outstanding invoices that fall into this period. You also see what kind of outstanding account it is and what the date of invoice is.

You can filter out the debtors on owners, reservations and external channels. Optionally, you can export the results.

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