Advertised price

After creating an object to put up for sale, you can enter the prices for this object. The advertised price, meaning the price for which you are 'advertising' it on your website, is composed of various components which are also described in this article.

Price for

Here you'll enter the function of the price, this can be various price types you've added yourself such as:

  • Recreation accommodation
  • Land
  • Plot and accommodation

If desired you can add more price types by using the button  'Add price for this'.

Add prefix advertised price

Next, choose one of the prefixes you've added, in case you are missing a prefix here you can use the button 'Add prefix' on the right side.

Among other things, you can add the following:

Determining price

This is where the actual price follows, you can add a price determined by you, excluding VAT. The VAT will be entered in its own specific bar.

Choose the correct suffix, this will serve to indicate whether it concerns a price per month (in the case of rent). It can also indicate whether the land or holiday home can be purchased without closing costs.

Of course, this can also be added by using the button 'Add suffix'.

Display discount

Next, you can choose to indicate a discount price. Here too, we distinguish between price and the VAT to be calculated by you.

1. In the left menu, choose Sales;
2. Choose Objects;
3. Select object to be modified;
4. Go to Advertised price.

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