Pricing scheme

The 'Price Schedule' provides a detailed insight into the price structure of the property. This overview allows the customer to see at a glance the structure of the price and identify any additional cost items, such as a furniture package.

Various price rules can be added to this to support aspects such as rental price and selling price, or when you want to offer a plot and recreational property separately.

Here you can also add additional fields to show additional costs such as the plot, investment or landscaping, for example.

Setting up a price schedule

  • Select 'Sales' in the left menu
  • Select 'Objects
  • Select object to be modified
  • Scroll to 'Price plan

Fill in information

Price before

Here you fill in what the price is for, this can be different price types such as: 'Recreational home', 'Land' or 'Plot and house'. You can add more price types via the 'Add price for' button.

Add prefix

The prefix defines the price and precedes the price. You can choose, for example, 'from' or 'now only'. If you are still missing a prefix here, you can use the 'Add prefix' button on the right-hand side.

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