Price Classes

As an organization, it may be convenient to send potential customers in the right direction right away. Especially when it concerns the purchase of a new accommodation, this could be important.

In many cases, it is important to know whether someone belongs to the middle segment, or instead to the top segment.

To make this distinction, you can choose to create price classes.


  • < €100,000
    • Low segment
  • €100,000 - €200,000
    • Middle segment
  • > €200,000
    • High segment

Follow the below steps to create price classes

1. In the left menu, choose Sales;
2. Choose Settings;
3. Select Price classes;
4. In the top right corner, click New;

5. Enter the name of the price class;
6. Enter the starting at price of the concerned class;
7. Enter the to price of the concerned class;
8. Press save to add the price class.

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