Choose invoice numbers yourself

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Booking Experts will generate the invoice for you by creating it chronologically. By default, the park ID is set in combination with 3 letters, this is called the invoice prefix. For example: 313-BEX.

If you want to use a different invoice number for each year, for example 2019 as a prefix for all invoices sent in 2019, then you can adjust the prefix. Please note that this will not automatically be set to 2020 at the turn of the year!

1. Use the gear icon in the upper right corner to navigate to  Administration settings;
2. In the right submenu, select  Other administration settings;
3. Go to the  Other tab;
4. Here you will find the option to change the prefix under the  Invoices heading;
5. Click  Update administration to save the changes.

Prefix for invoices
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