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This support article is about linking your bookkeeping to Booking Experts. Booking Experts has a link with Exact Online and Twinfield.

General information

Financial facts (invoices, receipts and payments) that may differ between Booking Experts and the accounting package:

  • Due to synchronization, invoices exist in two places, in Booking Experts and in the accounting package.
  • If a user makes a change to an invoice (eg ledger account allocation of an invoice line) then the invoice is also changed in the accounting package.
  • But when a user changes the same invoice in the accounting package, the change is not implemented in Booking Experts.
  • In addition, there is, for example, no support from Exact to adjust already received payments. So an adjustment of a payment in Booking Experts could never be implemented in the accounting package.
For these reasons we do not support full synchronization with accounting packages. But of course we have a better alternative! Synchronization per period. 

How often do we synchronize?

If you use the link for your financial administration with, for example, Exact Online or Twinfield, you have various options for synchronization.

Per day - This is useful if, for example, you want to check whether your bank balance matches all daily bookings (possibly with a delay of an X number of days). The disadvantage is that there are more bookings in your bookkeeping and that makes it less clear;
Per month - By posting all transactions (visible in the balance sheet) per month as a journal entry in the accounting package, you only generate 12 financial entries per year. This reduces the chance of differences and makes it much easier for accountants and accountants to check the bookings. It is only necessary to compare the journal entry per month between the accounting package and Booking Experts. Please note, after setting monthly synchronization of journalization, this will only be visible at Exact Online 1 month after the start date of synchronization; 
Manual - You can also choose to synchronize manually. You keep control (but also responsibility) completely in your own hands.

Standard synchronization

When setting up the accounting link you make the choice how you want to synchronize: a journal entry per day or per month. The support staff of Booking Experts can set this up for you.
You can set yourself whether you use automatic synchronization. This happens every morning. By manually synchronizing you can make corrections in advance. You cannot do this when it is automatic.

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