A slideshow means the header photo of the homepage. This is the first thing a visitor sees. Besides the header photo, there is also a slideshow widget. 

  1. Create slideshow for the header photo
  2. Add slideshow as widget

Create slideshow for the header photo

1. In the left submenu, choose settings;
2. Next, click slideshows;
3. Click new to create a slideshow;

4. Provide a name for the slideshow;
5. The slideshow is shown automatically 'always'. If applicable, you can set a from/to date. Then uncheck the box 'always' and enter a date;
6. If you would like a video as a slideshow, select the desired video under video and click save;
7. If you do not want a video but an image as a header, don't select a video and click on save. Then the image sheet appears where you can add an image;

8. Upload new photos or choose new photos from media;
9. Name the photos;
10. The slideshow has been created.

  • You can determine the order via the cursor.
  • You can delete the image from the slideshow using the red cross.
  • By clicking the pen icon you can add a name.

Add slideshow as widget

You can add a slideshow as widget on an extra page. This widget shows a slideshow (album) of the images you selected as header photos, on that specific extra page.

1. Click the green + symbol to select a widget;
2. Next, click slideshow;
3. Click save.

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