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After you have created a package in Booking Experts, you can use the Find & Book settings of the CMS to see whether you want to highlight these yes or no in the search & book on the website. For example, sometimes you want to add a package, but you don't want the package to be visible in the search & book on the website.

For example: you offer a seasonal spot with a fixed date, but you do not want the package to be highlighted as soon as website visitors search for a date that falls within the package, because the arrival date of the package has already expired. As a result, the package is no longer relevant for viewing. 

1. Packages suggestions

If you've created packages, you can choose to show suggestions for packages when users select a certain period. If you would like so, get in touch with support and we will add this for you.

Featured packages

2. Highlighted package

Above you can see that the package is highlighted in the search & book. You can decide for yourself if the package should be here  yes or no.

By following these steps you can determine whether you want to highlight the package on the website:

1. Select  Search & Book; from the left menu
2. In the submenu, click  Packages ;
3. Select the relevant package;

4. Check  In highlighted package if you want to display the package in the search & book.
5. Finally, click  Save. 

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