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Filter tags

1. Filter types

2; Create filters

3. Create filter tag

Filter types

Accommodation type:
Of the tags created in Booking Experts, you can determine which tags the visitor can filter in the Search & Book on your website.

Park level:
You can even give your website visitors the opportunity to filter on park level, by creating park tags. This is only possible if you have more than one concern.

Price range:
When this filter is added to the Search & book, visitors are able to filter accommodations that fall in to the selected price range.

Scheme attribute:
A filter could also be based on the different attributes from an accommodation. For example; the amount of people that a specific type can accommodate.

Create filter

1. Choose  Search & Book from the left menu;
2. Choose  Availability Filters from the right sub menu;
3. Click on  New and choose the Tags Filter or Scheme attribute filter;

4. Choose a title for the filter, for instance  Refine your search term;
5. Choose  Save to add the filter to the website;

Create filter tag

1. In the left menu, choose  Search and Book;
2. In the submenu, choose  Filter Tags;
3. Then click  New to select a tag.

4. Select the tag you allow to be filtered;
5. Choose  Save to add the tag to the filter or Save and add another 1 if you want to directly add another tag to the filter.

Based on the filtering options you have created, the visitor can refine his/her searches on the website. The characteristics in the filter will be placed under the category you chose in Booking Experts at accommodation feature groups automatically. You may change the category's name in Booking Experts. Here you can also edit the order of the categories. The same goes for the park tags in Booking Experts.

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