Archive and activate an owner

In this article you will read how to (de)activate and activate owners in Booking Experts.

1. (De)Activating or activating owner
2. Removing (duplicate) owner

Owners that no longer need to be invoiced from Booking Experts can be archived. You can undo this by activating the owner.

(De)Activating or activating owner

1. Use the general search box to search the owner's last name;
2. Choose Edit;


3. In the Owner Active section you can click a checkbox to activate or archive the owner;
4. Click Update owner to save the changes.


Please note! Every time you activate an owner who has an email address he will receive the email to log in to the administration.

Removing (duplicate) owner

It is possible, in case an owner is not linked to invoices, to remove owners.To do so, go to the owner in question and click Remove

Removing owner
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