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With the search & book widget you can show the total selection on your website. The search & book widget offers possibilities to filter on:

Accommodation type

If you choose to filter accommodation type, you can differentiate between holiday homes, camping pitches, rooms, berths, apartments and accommodations. With this only that type will be displayed and not the total selection.

1. Open an extra page where you want to place a Search & Book widget.

2. Select the Search & Book widget in the widget list by clicking on the green +;

3. Go to Accommodation type and subsequently select the type you want to display;

4. Click on Save.

Filter accommodation type


You can choose to filter the search & book widget on tags, in other words features. These features will be extracted from Booking Experts. With this you only bring forward the selection with a specific feature. For instance, if you have entered the tag wellness in Booking Experts, you can select this tag in the search & book widget and only the accommodations with wellness will be shown. It is possible to select multiple tags.

1. Go to Tags in the Search & Book widget;

2. Select the desired tag(s);

3. Click on Save

Front search&book widget


Do you have multiple parks at several locations, then to filter on location is a good option. You can filter on country, region, place and park. With this you see the selection on basis of the location chosen by you.

1. Go to Geo filter in the search & book widget;

2. Subsequently, select if you want to filter Country, Region, Place or Park ;

3. Click on Save.


Now, you can also give a start- and end date in the search & book widget. This way you can enter a date for example for period pages like Easter, Pentecost and Ascension Day. With this the selection in that period is displayed.

1. Go to Period in the search & book widget ;

2. Enter the start- and end date;

3. Click on Save.

Front search&book by date

Number of persons

If you want to display accommodations with a specific number of persons, you can specify the number of persons in the search & book widget. Such as, for instance a page about group accommodations, then you only show accommodations starting from 12 persons. You can also specify the number of pets or the number of babies.

1. Go to Group of guests in the Search and Book widget

2. Select the number of persons for a group of guests;

3. Click on Save.

Filter number of persons
Front filter number of persons
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