Archiving accommodation

You can archive an accommodation that is not used anymore. This accommodation will then not be approachable anymore. You can only archive an accommodation when:

  • there are no future reservations on it;
  • there is no active agreement with the owner;
  • it is not being rented.

1. Go to the accommodation you wish to archive;
2. Click on Archive


Cannot archive

In case the accommodation cannot be archived, the reason will be given. If this is for example an agreement with the owner, you can click on the blue link in order to change it, or click on To Accommodation to return to the show page of the accommodation.

Cannot archive

Undo archiving

It is not possible to undo an archiving action. Archiving means that the history of the accommodation is saved for statistics. The accommodation itself will not be saved. Therefore, it is not possible to retrieve the accommodation after archiving it.