Booking through map

When you have a map, you can use it to let the visitor choose a accommodation on the map during the reservation process. This allows the visitor to choose his/her perfect accommodation.

To do this you need the "Map" module. Please request support to set up the map module for your organization. When the module is available, a new tab will appear in the right side menu of the "Accommodations" tab.


Please ensure you can upload a high quality map as an image file (.png).

Choose the appropriate file and upload it. Please note that the initialization of the floor plan may take a while. You can see if the map has been uploaded by refreshing the page.

The map is there! Let's get to work. On the map below, the available accommodations or lots can be registered.

Map upload


In the left column you will find an overview of the number of accommodations that have already been registered and the accommodation that have not been processed yet. This list does not have to be empty; you may have grouped accommodations that cannot be registered. Also, here you will find the slider that activates the map when you finish registering.



Use the drawing tools that are located at the top left of the screen with the map. Here you will also find the option to zoom in or out on your map.

To draw and register accommodations, you have three choices:

  • Polygon: This allows you to draw and register any shape possible. Simply start at the first "corner" of the accommodation and go to the other corners step by step. Make sure the drawing of the accommodation is closed.
  • Square/rectangle: This allows you to draw and register rectangular accommodations. The drawing cannot be rotated and will always have straight horizontal and vertical sides. Start drawing at one corner of the accommodation and then pull towards the opposite corner.
  • Circle: This allows you to draw and register circular accommodations. This selection does not start from the side but from the center of the circle.

map intekenen

Assign accommodation

After creating a new field, the corresponding accommodation can be chosen. To do so, there is a search feature that allows you to search by name or number. Select the right accommodation and save your choice.

accommodatie toekennen

Adjust selection

If you made a wrong selection, you can change it. To do so, click on the pencil to adjust the selection. This can be done for multiple selections at the same time. These changes will apply after you click "Save".

Map changing

Delete selection

If you have made a particular selection that is incorrect, you can delete it. Click on the recycling bin, then select the selection and save your changes.

Delete selection

Activate map

Once you have registered all accommodations, you can activate the map by turning the slider.

active map