Create grouped type

You have the possibility to offer a group of accommodation types on the website and the backoffice. For this example you can make a group of 2 accommodation types and offer them on the website and back office.

1. Go to the tab Accommodations.
2. In the right sub menu, choose Grouped Accommodation types.
3. Choose New.


4. The completion of this is mostly equal to the Standard Accommodation type. However, here you can add the accommodation types with the number of accommodations of that type you wish you offer jointly.


So, in above mentioned example, 2 accommodations of each accommodation type will be fixed in case the group is being reserved. The accommodations are blocked individually at the moment a reservation is being made. It is only possible to reserve the group if two accommodations of each type are available at the same time during the entire period.

5. When the accommodation types with the number of accommodations are being decided, you can save the form.

Next you will have to:
- Create a price list;
- and create and link 1 accommodation to this type.

Only then it will be possible to reserve the group.