Edit accommodation setup

Table of contents

Changing a layout

You can change the setuo of an accommodation. This change can be done on an arrival or departure date of a reservation, or when there is no reservation planned on the accommodation. Changes with regard to the setup are e.g.:
- Pets allowed/not allowed;
- Accommodation for rent/not for rent;
- Changing of accommodation type;
- Adding or deleting of tags;
- Blocking an accommodation for rent through touroperators and website.

1. Search for the accommodation that you want to edit using the general search field at the top right corner;
2. Go to the Setup tab;
3. Click New to create a new setup, or  on the date in bold if the current setup needs to be edited.




Notification reservations fall outside of the active period.

Sometimes you will want to change the setup, and you will receive a notification saying some reservations fall outside of the active period. In most cases, this is because the reservations have been imported from another system.

To solve this error message, you will need to change the start date of your current setup to a date in the past. This date should be before the date of the first reservation.