In addition to grouped types, you can also choose to offer specific combined accommodations if, for example, two accommodations are linked. These accommodations may then be rented out separately, but also jointly.

Create clusters

1. Go to the tab Accommodations;
2. In the right submenu, select Clusters;
3. Click New;

Cluster new

4. Give the cluster a name;
5. Select the accommodations that you want to combine;
6. Click Save;

 add Cluster new

Create cluster type

1. Click Accommodations;
2. In the right submenu, select Cluster types;
3. Click New;

New cluster type

4. Enter the cluster type data. For more information, please follow the steps in the following article.
5. Add Media, Prices, Costs, etc., just as you would add a "normal" type.
6. Create your accommodation for the cluster.

Cluster accommodation

7. Enter the data and choose the cluster that you want to rent out.
8. Click Save to create the accommodation.

cluster accommodation new