Accommodation subtypes


You can divide accommodation types into subtypes. For example, an accommodation type can be a holiday home, and the subtypes that fall within this type can include a chalet, bungalow, villa, etc. The advantage to this is that in Booking Experts, there is no need to distinguish between costs, for example.


Create subtype

You can create various subtypes.

1. Click on the Gear on the top right;
2. Click on Accommodation subtypes in the submenu on the right;
3. Then click on New to create a subtype.


4. Select an Accommodation type;
5. Enter a name for a subtype;
6. Then click on 'Add accommodation subtype'.


Select subtype

When creating a type, it is possible to select an accommodation subtype. If you create a new type with holiday home as the accommodation type, then the accommodation subtype could be a bungalow. The advantage to using subtypes, is that you can filter by accommodation subtype on the website.