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What are the consequences when I migrate a type to another type of accommodation

When you migrate to another type of accommodation, there are consequences for the applicable cost items. These are no longer applicable and you will therefore have to create them for this type.

For each type of accommodation, a tab is created on the site where the types that are linked to the relevant type are displayed. The more different types you use, the more the visitor has to click to see the availability. We therefore advise to use as few accommodation types as possible and to use subtypes instead in order to make a distinction between the different types.

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Where can I see the YouTube video when I add it to media in an accommodation type?

When a YouTube video is uploaded under the media type, it will be shown at the bottom of the accommodation description on the accommodation page in the search and book.

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I only want to have my accommodation bookable in the back office and not in the Search & Book, how can I do that?

If the images of this type are removed, they will no longer be displayed in the Search & Book. Then it can only be booked in the back office. You can edit the Media for this.

When I change a type, I get a message: Unique features may contain a maximum of 5 attributes', but I have only entered 5 characteristics.

When you use automatic translation, the unique characteristics are also translated. The Dutch words are translated into English and/or German. Due to this translation, it may happen that an extra comma is placed in the translations. This is why it is important to click on the English and German flags when you open the type by editing and to reset this to a maximum of 5 'commas'.

Where can I see what the minimum number of nights for a specific type is? And if I enter the minimum number of nights, what should I take into account?

You set the minimum number of nights in the settings of the type. You can find these in the overview of the type. When you create a new type you can set the minimum number of nights by default as 2 nights. You can set this however you wish.

Important!It's important to take the price list that you have created for this type into account. The setting of the minimum number of nights influences the price periods that you set. If for example you have a week, midweek and weekend as price periods in Booking Experts for a certain type, then you cannot select two nights in the CMS. Even if the minimum number of nights for this type is set as two.

If you do offer a price per night and set this in Booking Experts, then it's possible to select two nights for this type in the CMS if there is a minimum of two nights set for this type. If the minimum number of nights for the type is two, then you cannot select one night in the CMS.

It's also important to take into account the arrival and departure for this type or the general arrival and departure days of the park and/or hotel. This also influences the calendar in the CMS.

Example: You have set a price per night in Booking Experts and the visitor on the website wants to stay from Monday to Wednesday. The minimum number of nights of the type that this guest wants to book is set as two nights. However, in Booking Experts it's set that Monday isn't an arrival day which means that it's not possible to select this period in the calendar in the CMS. The guest can for example select three nights starting Tuesday. You can read more information about the arrival and departure days in this support article.

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