Action ignore up-to-date notifications

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In this article you will read how to ignore up-to-date notifications concerning settlements with owners.

If something changes in the system that changes a settlement, for example the rent of a reservation or an adjustment in the commission agreement, then the settlement is no longer up-to-date. The settlement will then turn red in the settlement overview. It is possible to manually ignore the notification through this action. One reason to ignore this message may be that you are certain, for example, that the statement made at the time was correct, despite the adjustment made.

To ignore the up-to-date notification:

1. Click on Settlements in the right submenu;
2. Use the filters if desired;
3. Choose the action Ignore up-to-date notifications;
4. Select the rental settlement for which you want to ignore the up-to-date report;
5. Click Start.

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