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The CMS allows you to create forms in advance, which you can then place at the desired spot on the website using the Form widget. You can create all kinds of different forms. Some common forms include:

  • Contact form
  • Newsletter registration
  • Brochure request
  • Information request

1. Create form
Setting the form's fields 
Reacting to replies

Create form

1. In the left menu, navigate to Content;

2. In the submenu, select Forms;

3. At the top right side, click New to create a new form;


4. At the text field Name, you can provide the form with a name, for instance Information request;

5. At the text field Emails, you can select one or more email addresses to which responses should be sent. Multiple email addresses can be separated by a comma;

6. At the text field Button text, you can select the text displayed on the button used for sending the form;

7. If you want to send visitors to another URL after they fill out the form, you can check Redirect visitor after filling out form. Next, enter the desired URL at Redirect visitor to URL;

8. *Optional* if you have objects for sale as well, you can place an  Information request form for them. When visitors fill out the form, you will have the option of automatically creating a prospect. This can be done by checking Create automatic prospect. Next, select one of the persons with the Salesperson access rights at Assign to salesperson. This salesperson will receive a message when a response to the form comes in;


9. At the text fields Messages, you get to set the texts that will be shown to visitors when the form has been sent (upon a successful response) or if the form cannot be sent (upon a response with errors);

10.Next, click Save at the bottom right side or click Save and add another one.

Setting the form's fields

The form has now been created, automatically you see a menu with the following items; Show, Settings, Fields and Responses.

1. In the menu, click the tab Fields;

2. Create a new field by clickin New field at the bottom left side;

3. Select the type of field you want to use in the form.

Complete the form by selecting the fields you want. The only thing left to do is to place the form on the website.

Reacting to replies

When you have entered an email address at the  Emails field during creation of the form, you will receive the form's responses at this email address. If you want to reply to a response, click Reply from your own email client. The email address left on the website by the visitor will automatically be used as a reply address. If you didn't left an email address you can find the reactions at the tab Responses. 

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