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An outstanding payment on a reservation can be refunded to the guest as a voucher. In this support article we give you all the required information.

1. What is a voucher?
2. Creating a voucher
3. Redeem a voucher online
4. Taking in a voucher in the backoffice
5. Export of vouchers
6. Frequently asked questions

1. What is a voucher?

A voucher is a unique code that represents an amount of money. When making a new reservation, guests can provide the unique code to you. With this, the guest receives the value of the amount of money as a discount on the new reservation made. 
An overview of the vouchers can be found here: 
1. Go the the tab Reservations;
2. Choose the right sub menu Vouchers.
By default we only show the vouchers with credit, but if you uncheck the box With credit, you can see all vouchers. 

The codes are made unrecognizable in order to prevent abuse of the codes by employees. You can search for a code here if the guest gives this code to you.

There are two payment methods for the vouchers. Namely Voucher (for credit placed on a voucher) and Settles as vouchers (for payments by redeeming a voucher). The payment methods end up on the ledger account 2030 'Vouchers in circulation'.

2. Creating a voucher

You can create a voucher from the cancelled reservation. 

1. Search with the search field at the top right for the regarding reservation; 
2. Open the reservation; 
3. Process the cancellation, but leave the correct amount 'outstanding'; 

4. At the top right of the reservation you will see that a refund can be settled. You will also find the option: Issue voucher there;

5. Click on the Issue voucher button;
6. You will have the option to automatically have a code generated by Booking Experts or to enter a code yourself;

Note: Make sure not to use a simple code, such as: Holidaypark1, Holidaypark2, Holidaypark3, etc. Malicious guests can then 'guess' codes and make free reservations. The codes made by Booking Experts are too difficult to guess, which is why we recommend using them. You can use your own codes if you have previously created these, outside Booking Experts.

7. You can send a notification of the voucher to the guest. You will find the attached e-mail in the templates under the Other administration settings;
8. The voucher will be made unrecognizable after sending the voucher;

Note: It is important that the guest keep the code properly. We hide the code so that employees cannot abuse the codes.
9. The guest can redeem the voucher at your holiday park. You can read more about this below.

3. Redeem a voucher online

A guest can redeem the voucher when making a reservation. If the guest has chosen a type, he can redeem his voucher from step 1 in the search & book. The guest will immediately see the payment status:
  1. Additional payment is required - the guest immediately sees the amount to be paid
  2. The voucher exactly covers the reservation - the guest sees that he doesn't have to pay extra and that the voucher is fully used
  3. An outstanding amount will remain on the voucher - the guest will immediately see what amount is still on the voucher.
Note: does the guest indicate that the code is invalid? Please check whether the guest correctly uses the capital letters when entering the voucher.

4. Taking in a voucher in the backoffice

The guest can redeem the discount by giving the voucher to you. Then you process the voucher in the back office to calculate the discount.
1. Search the guest's reservation via the search field at the top right and open this reservation or make a new reservation for the guest; 
2. At the bottom of the reservation with the invoice you will find the possibility to exchange the voucher;

3. Click the Redeem voucher button;
4. Enter the voucher and click on Redeem voucher;

5.  Now the invoice opens and you see that (part of) the payment is done by means of the voucher;

Note: Is the amount of the reservation higher than the amount of the voucher? Then the guest must pay extra or pay the remaining amount with another voucher. Is the amount of the reservation less than the amount of the voucher? Then the remaining voucher credit remains open. The guest can redeem this credit on a new reservation.

5. Export of vouchers

It is possible to export the issued vouchers. 
1. Go to the Reservations tab;
2. Click on Vouchers in the right submenu;
3. Click on the Export button at the bottom of the page.
In this export file you will find the following information:
  • The masked voucher code;
  • The reservation number on which the voucher was issued;
  • Arrival and departure date of the original reservation;
  • The date of cancellation;
  • The reason for cancellation;
  • The total issued voucher amount;
  • The outstanding voucher amount;
  • The name of the guest;
  • The e-mail address of the guest.

6. Frequently asked questions

  • Can the vouchers be exchanged for money or paid out to the restaurant or bar?
    You cannot pay a voucher to the guest, nor can it be redeemed as a cash payment at the restaurant or bar. Vouchers are only made to redeem credit of reservations.

    If you still want to make a refund to the guest - for example a small outstanding amount, which is disproportionate to the night price - you can process this by booking a cost item on the reservation in the back office that is linked to ''no VAT''. You can then pay that amount to the guest manually, without using Booking Experts.
  • Can I issue individual vouchers as a gift voucher?
    You cannot issue individual vouchers yet. You now always create a voucher based on a paid reservation that has been cancelled.
  • Can I create general vouchers, for example from € 100?
    Voucher are always unique and based on payment on a reservation. We would like to add in the future so you can create vouchers yourself, without prior payment from the guest.

    Do you already want to make a "general" voucher or discount with a code? Then you can use a discount in combination with coupon code.
  • Can a guest decide which part of the voucher he wants to redeem?
    If you redeem a voucher, the total amount will be settled. You cannot decide what you want to use, for example €200 for a stay in July and €300 for a stay in December. The system prepares the voucher as soon as possible. But: is there credit outstanding after the voucher has been used? Then the outstanding credit will remain available on the voucher for a following reservation.

    Do you still want to distribute one voucher among several new reservations? Then you can of course circumvent this by first booking a payment on the reservation, then paying the remainder with the voucher and finally reversing the amount first booked. This means that credit remains on the voucher and the guest has to pay the remaining amount of the first reservation.
  • How long is a voucher valid?
    Vouchers are valid indefinitely.
  • I want to give a guest a refund afterwards. How do I void the voucher?
    1. First you cancel the cancellation, at the top of the reservation;
    2. Then a new invoice is created. You send this invoice manually. Then you can post the invoice with the guest's voucher code;
    3. Then you cancel the reservation again and instead of creating a voucher again, you refund the guest as you normally did.
  • The guest's voucher code doesn't work, but based on the last four digits, it does appear to have a credit.
    In this case, the guest is probably passing the wrong code to you. Also pay attention to the capital letters! You can also test yourself if the code is correct. You do this as follows:
    1. Adjust the email address of the reservation in which you issued the voucher to your own email address;

        Note: write down the guest's email address! Otherwise you have lost this. 
    2. Resend the voucher code;
    3. You will now receive the code on your own e-mail;
    4. Change the email address in the reservation back to the guest's original email address.
  • Can a voucher be redeemed at another location of my organization?
    A voucher can only be redeemed at the location where the guest initially booked. This is because a voucher is created at the administration level. The vouchers must therefore also be redeemed within that administration.
  • When will turnover be booked when using vouchers?
    With the new reservation. The old reservation is credited, so the turnover voucher falls on the new reservation. Depending on the settings of your administration, this is often the end date of the reservation.
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