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Are you a travel agency and do you want to book bookings directly in the administration of a holiday park? That it possible! We have documented our API openly. You can find our API documentation over here.

1. Create agency account and log in
2. Overview page
3. Add administrations
4. Making reservations
5. View all reservations
6. Linked users

Have you looked at the information and are you ready to get started? Then you start creating your own travel agency account. An agency account is free.

Agency account and log in

We recommend that you first read our API documentation for developers.

If you want to create a travel agency account, you can email After the account has been created, you can log in here using your e-mail address and password.
Note: You have to add administrations to book directly in the administration of a holiday parc. 

Overview page

In the overview you will find all relevant information. You see the API information to be able to execute API calls. You can view the linked administrations and directly link new administrations and you will also see a preview of reservations made.

Add administrations

You can then ask the holiday parks - for which you want to make bookings - to create your travel agency as channel. They can return the API key belonging to the channel. You add this API key to your travel agency portal.

  1. Request the API key of the holiday park; 
  2. Log in to the agency portal; 
  3. Go to the tab Administrations;
  4. Push the button +New.

Making reservations

  1. Log in to the agency portal;
  2. Go to the tab Administrations
  3. Click behind the desired administration +Make reservation for this administration
  4. Use the filters to find the desired accommodation for your guest; 
  5. By clicking on Specify you can see the exact price structure of the type. The price structure changes immediately if you adjust something to the filters, for example if you add a pet you will often see that extra costs will be charged. The price is therefore current; 
  6. Do you agree with the price? Then you can place the reservation by clicking on the button on the right Reserve
  7. Enter the specific guest details, book any extras and make the reservation; 
  8. The reservation has now been placed.

View all reservations

In the menu bar you can choose Reservations to view all reservations made. You can filter by administration here to see how much you book per administration.

With the reservations, the rental turnover is also shown. Please note: that here the rental turnover is always shown excluding VAT.

Linked users

If you are the primary linked user of this account, you can create linked users. This could, for example, be an employee who can log in to this portal. Linked users can access the portal of this travel agency. A linked user can, among other things, manage the linked companies and make reservations. A linked user, on the other hand, cannot create a linked user.
1. Click on Linked users in the green bar;
2. Click on the button + Link a user;

3. Set the email address;
4. Click  Link User.

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