Add 'Customer portal widget'

In Booking Experts, guests have the ability to view their made reservations and select specific upgrades through the feature called 'Customer Portal'. Moreover, a handy widget has been integrated into the CMS, allowing guests to enter their mail address. Once they have entered their mail address, they receive a link to their personal 'Customer portal', where they can manage their reservation and any upgrades.

To set up the 'Customer Portal' in Booking Experts, please use this support article: link.

Installing customer portal widget

It is recommended to take the following steps when installing the Customer Portal widget:

  1. Create an 'Page', this way you can link to it from various pages or add it to the menu (main menu or footer menu)
  2. Add the 'Customer portal' widget to the page
  3. After placing the widget, the guest will see the view
  4. Guests enter their reservation email address and get an access link to view their reservation and add upgrades.
  5. The guest sees the 'Customer Portal'

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