Customer portal

In Booking Experts it is possible for guests to view and upgrade their reservation in the so called 'Customer portal'. In the CMS there is a widget which can be used by a customer to register for their 'Customer portal'. 

So therefore, it is recommended that you should take the following steps by placing this widget:

1. Create a new custom page, so you can create links to this page from other pages, an e-mail or the menu (headermenu or footermenu);

2. Add the widget to the page (see screenshot 1.);

3. After placing the widget, the quest can see the 'Customer portal'-widget, as shown on screenshot 2, on your website;

4. By entering their e-mailadres, which should be similar to the one used for creating a reservation, the guest receives an access link. With this link he or she can view and upgrade their reservation;

5. The guests sees his own reservation in the 'Customer portal', see screenshot 3.

Screenshot 1.

Screenshot 2.

Screenshot 3. 

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