Translations - Page in different languages

You can choose to have the content of your website (automatically) translated by the Translation module. You might sometimes still want to make a small change yourself on a page in a different language. You can do this in two ways:

1. Flags dropdown per element/widget
2. Set widget by language

Flags dropdown per element/widget

Making an adjustment in another language is easy via the flags dropdown.

Click on the dropdown per element or widget and select the desired language and enter or change the text.

This works the same for every widget, for example the text widget.You can change the Rich text widget

The advantage of this method?

Previously you had to save your changes per language and then change the input language and that again for each language. Now you can make changes in Dutch, English, German and all other languages that you have set in one go and then save all changes at once. This way you work more efficiently!The edited English text is on the English website:

Set widget by language

You can also choose to display a widget in certain languages. For example, sometimes you might want to show a video on the Dutch website but not show this on the English website because it is in Dutch. Then you can choose for example to put an image in this space on the English website.

1. Open the widget that should only be shown on the Dutch website;
2. At  Show for languages delete all languages except for Dutch;

3. Open the replacement widget (image) that should be shown on the English website;

4. At  Show for languages delete all languages except for English;

If the  entry language is now English, you will see that the video widget becomes light gray with a notification Not shown in English. This widget won't be shown on the English website.

Now you CAN'T see the video on the English website and CAN see the image:

And you CAN'T see the image on the Dutch website and CAN see the video:

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