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You can choose to have the content of your website translated (automatically) via the translation module. Still, you might want to make a small adjustment yourself on a page in another language. You can do this in two ways via changing the flags per element or setting up a widget per language.

Dropdown menu with flags per element/widget

Making a customisation in another language is easy via the dropdown with flags. These flags can be found in settings, on pages, widgets and anywhere you would like to enter a different language.

Example: go to an additional page. In the settings, you can then switch between languages using the flags. You can then enter text in the language of your choice.

The advantage of this way of working?

Previously, you had to save your changes for each language and then change the input language and do so again for each language. Now you can make changes in one go for Dutch, English, German and all other languages, and then save these changes in one go. So you work more efficiently!

Set widget per language

You can also choose to show a widget in certain languages. Sometimes, for example, you want to show a video on the Dutch page, but don't want to show it on the English page, because Dutch is spoken there. Then you can choose to place an image in this spot on the English page, for example. It is recommended to place a replacement widget here, because otherwise an empty space on the page will be created.

  1. Open the widget that should only be on the Dutch website.
  2. Under 'Show for locales', remove all languages except Dutch.
  3. Open the replacement widget (image) which should be on the English website.
  4. Under 'Show for locales', remove all languages except English.

If the input language is now set to Dutch, you will see that the image widget turns light grey with a message 'Not shown in Dutch'. So this widget will not be shown on the Dutch website.

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