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In this article we will explain how you can use the Translation module in Booking Experts and ParkCMS. You can use the translation module to automatically translate content from both Booking Experts and ParkCMS, saving you a lot of time as a user. New content is added and you'll be up to date in no time for all languages on the website. A fully and properly translated website ensures that visitors can easily navigate your website and make a reservation. 
We show you how to use the translation module. How to create translation settings, how to view translation progress and how to easily re-translate content.

1. The Translation Module in Booking Experts.

As a user, you have the option to navigate from Booking Experts to the translation module. Here you can create translation settings, view progress and have content re-translated:
1. Go to the Gear icon;
2. In the right sub-menu, choose Translations.

2. The Translation Module in ParkCMS.

1. In ParkCMS, click Translation settings or a specific language in the left menu;
You will now enter the translation module where you can see your translation settings or turn on translations if not already done.

3. Enable automatic translations

If you have not worked with translations before or want to set up a new language, you can set this up per language.
1. Go to the Translation module;
2. Choose which languages you want to set up; 
3. Enter an e-mail address; 
At this e-mail address you will receive notifications of reactions from the translator regarding the translations and the possibility to check if you have chosen manual approval.
You can create multiple translations with the same settings at the same time. In addition, you can also set up the translations separately per language, if you want different settings for each language (for example, a different e-mail address for receiving notifications). You can also change these settings afterwards.

When you request the automatic translations, you see the following screen: the tranlations are inactive at first.

Our employees have to check and complete a few things before they activate the translations. We will do this as soon as possible and let you know when it is done or if we have any questions. If desired, you can adjust settings per language. You can read how to do this at: point 4 Changing translation settings.

By default, ordering and approval is set to automatic. But you have the option to manually order and/or approve the translations.

  • Do you choose for automatic ordering? Then the system automatically places an order with the translation module when the new content is live in Dutch and has not been edited for at least 1 hour
  • Do you choose for manual ordering? Then you always have to go to the translation module yourself and order the translations manually.
  • Do you choose for automatic approval? The translations will be automatically live on your website when all translations for a section are ready. This means less worries and more speed.
  • Do you choose for manual approval? The translations will be visible on your website after you have approved them. This gives more control but also takes more time. 

If you set both, ordering and approval to automatic, you can use the translation module in a quick and easy way. We recommend these settings.

Did you get a message that your translations are active? You will see the following overview when you go to All translation in ParkCMS. You can see the progress of the translations per language, how many translations are available to order and/or ready.

Do you want to go back to ParkCMS or Booking Experts? Then click on the arrow at the top left, next to Booking Experts. 

4. Changing translation settings.

1. Go to the Translation module;
2. In the Translation Settings menu, click on Details from the language you want to change;
3. Click on the Edit button;

4. You can now change the settings; (instructions for translator, way of ordering, way of approving, E-mail address where you will receive notifications and the language of this E-mail)
You can tell the translator whether you want a formal or informal spelling, switch between automatic/manual ordering and approval, or change the e-mail address if you want to use a different one.
5. Click on Save.

5. Ordering translations

What content will be translated?

Booking Experts:
- Types;
- Cost items;
- Discount campaigns and promotions;
- Packages;
- Standard Periodic Charges;
- Tasks cost items;
- Invoice display lines;
- Payment methods;
- Meters;
- Characteristics and (park) feature groups;
- Traffic sources;
- Car Emails;
- Questions after reservation;
- (Application) Message Templates;
- Subtypes;
- Park description;
- Special periods;
- Welcome Message My Environment;
- Room Types and Floors.
- All pages and widgets that are visible and where the desired language is selected will be submitted to the translation module. 
- Orderable; it is possible to order this content
- Ordered; this content has been ordered and is being translated
- Ready; this content has been translated and can be approved (if manual approval is selected)
- Approved; this content has been approved and will be applied to the desired section as soon as possible
- Applied; this content has been applied to your page is the indicated language

How quickly is my content translated?

- Have you set up automatic ordering and does the content remain unchanged for at least 1 hour? Then it will automatically go through to the translators. After that it may take some time before you receive an e-mail that the translations are ready.
- Have you configured manual ordering? Then the content will be translated when you order the available content in the Translation module. 
- Have you set up translation validation to automatic? Then the content is immediately live on the website when all translations of a page or object have been approved.
- Have you set Approve translations to manual? Then the content will be live after you have approved it. Read on to find out more about checking and approving translations.

How do I know if new translations are ordered or ready? (Only in case of manual ordering/approval)

- Every night, an E-mail is sent to the specified E-mail address with reminders about translations you can order or when they are ready.

How do I know what content is in the list for translations?

1. Go to the Translation module;
2. Select the language for which you want to view translations;
3. Click on the View translations button;

You will now see a list of all translations and the status of these translations. The Order All button shows the total amount of the translations.
4. Have you set up automatic ordering and do you not want to wait longer than 1 hour and order these translations directly? Then you can click on the Order all button. 

In the overview you will now see the status Ordered behind the translations.

If you click on a specific translation, then the Show in ParkCMS button gives you the option to see where this content in located in ParkCMS. 

If you go to the content you have just created you will see that the status has changed here as well. There will always be a translation from Dutch to English first and then from English to other languages (if you have these translations turned on). 

Have the translations arrived and are they automatically or manually approved? You will see the following screen in the translation module

When all translations from a page are approved, then they are applied to the website and you can see the translated text and the status in the View translations module. 

You can also see the changes made in ParkCMS at the location where you added the content. You can see that, after the English translation has been approved, the translation is transferred to other languages (if set up).

You can also see that on the left side of the menu the progress bars of the translations are filled.

Do you want your content to be translated into English only?

- Then remove the other foreign language(s) you do not want to use from the settings of the page/widget. 

6. Check translations

Approve manually
If you have chosen to manually approve your translations, you have 72 hours to approve or disapprove these translations. After 72 hours these translations will be approved automatically. 
1. Go to the Translation module;
2. Click on the translation where texts need to be approved;

3. Under Ready, click X translation;
4. Click on the text to approve or disapprove each translation;
5. When you agree with the translation you can click the green Approve button;
6. If you do not agree with the translation you can leave a comment and click the Approve translation button.

7. Click on the Approve all button if you want to approve all translations with the Ready status;

Tip: You can click through from a translation to the text in Booking Experts or CMS. This way you can always see more context about the specific translation. 

When you have approved the translation, it will immediately appear on the right page of the website if all texts of a page or object are approved. Also, if set, it will be automatically ordered for other foreign languages.

7. Retranslating content

When your content changes in such a way that you want to have it translated again, you can check the 'Translate again' box and save the page or widget. For example, when you correct a spelling error, you don't do this and incur new costs.
1. Open the widget again and click on the dropdown button to see that the new translation has been requested. You will now see it again in the translation overview.

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