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The Expedia App gives you the possibility to link Booking Experts to Expedia and thus offer your services in a targeted and international way. In this article we explain how you can install it for your own administration(s).

Link type

Expedia is a push link. This means that Booking Experts will forward availability and prices to Expedia. Availability and prices are synchronized every 10 minutes.

You can connect with Expedia in 2 ways: a link with  Hotel Collect or a link with Expedia Collect. Both options are briefly described below.

Hotel Collect

Hotel Collect is a reseller link. This means that you do the billing yourself. For bookings received through Hotel Collect, only a guest invoice is created. The payment is made directly through you.

Expedia Collect

Expedia Collect is a tour operator link. This means that Expedia does the billing for you and they pay you after a period. For reservations made through Expedia Collect, both a guest and a channel invoice are created. The rent (and any additional mandatory costs, such as those set up with Expedia) will be placed on the channel invoice. Any other costs that are invoiced directly to the guest will be shown on the guest invoice.

Create link - Expedia side 

Do you want to work with Expedia? Then you should first contact your account manager at Expedia. They create the rooms of the accommodations that you want to rent in their back office. Below you will find documentation of how this will be processed in the Expedia back office.

The link must be set for the LOS price model. To install the link correctly as quickly as possible, you can send the screenshots below to your account manager.

Expedia pricing

Expedia pricing

If the settings have been completed by Expedia, we will be notified by them. We will ensure the further linking of the types.

Create link - Booking Experts side

To install the application you need to have access to the App Store, in this case there will be a market stall at the top of your Booking Experts menu bar. If you do not already have this, ask Support to activate the App Store for you.

1. Click on the icon for the App Store;
2. Then choose the Expedia App;
3. At the application, click +Install;
4. Here you will see an overview of what the application can see in your records(s);
5. Choose the administration(s) for which this application should be installed and click Install;
6. The app is authorized. Click OK to continue.

Please note: when linking channels, the Standard payment scheme is automatically selected. You can change this in Booking Experts by going to the Cog icon -> Channels. Here you can click a channel and press the blue edit button where you can adjust the payment scheme. 

The application was installed successfully! 🎉

Link administrations

In order to display your offer on Expedia you need to set up a link per administration.
1. At  Commands, select  Linked administrations;
2. Click  + Add;
3. Set up the following items:
  1. Whether the link is active;
  2. Choose the administration you want to link;
  3. Whether you are working with Expedia Collect or Hotel Collect;
  4. Enter the External ID;
  5. Set a security margin if necessary;
  6. Choose the currency in which you want to send the prices;
  7. Add the linked records.

Linking types to an administration

Active linked Booking Experts types are synchronized with the matching accommodations at Expedia.
1. Go to the linked administration for which you want to set up a type link;
2. Click on the figure under linked types;

3. Click  + Add;
4. Enter the data;
5. Add the linked type.

Pushing information

It is possible to manually push the current price and availability information if you want to immediately process changes for a particular type.
1. Go to the linked type;
2. Click on the external ID of the type;
3. Click on the button of the desired action.

Retrieve reservations manually

It is possible, if you feel that the synchronization of Expedia is lagging, to retrieve the reservations manually.
1. Go to the linked administrations;
2. Click on the external ID of the administration;

3. Click  Fetch reservations to manually synchronize the latest reservations.

What is synchronized?

Only the bare rents and availability will be synchronized. The cost items are not included and you will need to set these up yourself at Expedia.

I receive a reservation from Expedia outside of Booking Experts (via e-mail), what should I do?

It is possible that there are technical problems with Expedia or Booking Experts. If a reservation is made in this situation, you will receive e-mails of the reservations that are made. You must then make these reservations yourself in Booking Experts. If this is caused by Booking Experts, then we are already aware of it and we are already working on a solution. We appreciate it if you inform us when a (similar) situation occurs.

Why do I see in the link overview with Expedia that only prices are synchronized and no availability?

We synchronize prices and availability in one overview to Expedia. For each day that there is availability, we send the prices. Is there no availability? We will not send a price to Expedia for that day.

Can I work with Expedia Flex in Booking Experts?

We currently do not support the Flex contract with Expedia. You can only connect with Hotel Collect or Expedia Collect.

Check modified product link

If you make a change at Expedia, you will need to check the links from the App. This is because any change to the price or type settings at Expedia, can affect the connection. So make sure your settings always match between the Booking Experts App and Expedia.
How to do this:
1. Log in to Expedia;
2. In the left menu, go to Rooms and Rates and then click on Room Types and Rate Plans. You will need the following information;
  • Hotel ID > at the top of the black bar;
  • Room ID > next to the picture of your accommodation;
  • Rate plan > Under the picture, with the active rate plan.
3. Now also open the Expedia App in Booking Experts and check the links over there by type. You click on the linked types of an administration and there you check if the correct room IDs are linked with the corresponding rate plans. The numbers should match.
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