Media - Add image grid/set

Besides showing a couple of images per widget, more images can be displayed in an image set/grid. This allows a photo album to be displayed on a page using the image grid widget in the CMS. Before this widget can be used, an image set needs to be created

  1. Making an image set
  2. Image grid
  3. Image set - Logos
  4. Image set - Collage

Making an image set

1. Click on content;
2. Then go to image lists;
3. Create a new image set;

4. Create a recognizable name for the image set;
5. Then save it; 

6. Go to images;
7. Choose one of the possibilities for adding images, you can find extra information here;

8. Click to edit;
9. Add a title for every image and save it. You could also add a link to your website, this is especially useful for logo's.

10. Navigate to the desired extra page in CMS and select the image grid or image set widget. Place the widget on the desired page.

Image grid

1. Choose the image set you created and decide how many columns you want to create for the images;
2. Click save.

Image set - Logos

The image set offers two possibilities: Displaying logos or showing a collage.

1. Click on style and then on logos.
2. Click save.

This way, images are made smaller and displayed next to each other.

Image set - Collage

1. Click on style and then on collage.
2. Click save.

The images will be shown in a collage.

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