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In this article we explain how you can install the Exact Online Application for your own administration(s).

1. Installing the application
2. Linking administrations
3. Resynchronizing Failed Journal Entries
4. Resynchronizing synchronized journal entries
5. Errors

1. Installing the application

To install the application you need to have access to the App Store, in this case there will be a market stall at the top of your Booking Experts menu bar. If you do not already have this, ask Support to activate the App Store for you.

1. Click on the icon of the Market Stall for the App Store;
2. Then choose the Exact Online;
3. At the application, click +Install;
4. Here you will see an overview of what the application can see in your records(s);
5. Choose the administration(s) for which this application should be installed and click Install;
6. The app is authorized. Click OK to continue;
7. Under Commands, choose Authorize Exact Online;
8. Log in with your Exact Online login credentials;
9. The connection is authorized. Click on OK to continue;

The application has been installed successfully! 🎉

2. Linking administrations

In order to send the journal entries to Exact Online the administration needs to be linked. 
Please note! In the settings section you need to check the correct environment for the country of your Exact Online administration.
1. At Commands choose Configurations;
2. Click + Add;
3. Choose the administration you want to link and the matching administration in Exact Online;
4. Add the configuration;
5. Click Edit to fine-tune the configuration
6. Set the following items as desired:
  • Booking Experts administration;
  • Exact Online administration;
  • Memorandum journal;
  • Code for no VAT;
  • Frequency;
  • Monthly;
  • Daily;
  • Start Date;
  • End date; (please note! if you set an end date, in combination with a delay of x number of days your end date will therefore have to be later to synchronize the last journal entries)
  • Automatic synchronization on or off;
  • Delay in days.
7. Save the changes;
8. If all settings are correct you need to Activate the configuration;
9. To synchronize the journal entries in the past with a newly created configuration (without having to wait for the automatic synchronization), click Synchronize;
10. If there are journalentries, they will be visible in the overview, you can view them by clicking on View.

3. Resynchronizing Failed Journal Entries

It can happen that, due to wrong settings, a journal entry cannot be synchronized. These journalentries are shown in the overview of point 10 above. Go to the configuration of the journalentries and click at the journalentries on View.
If the journal entries could not be synchronized, they are displayed in the overview with Synchronized set to No. Click on the journal entry to view the error message. Here you can find an overview of the failed lines in the journal entry.
After making the necessary adjustments you can resynchronize the journal entry by clicking on Synchronize again.
It's also possible to resynchronize all failed journal entries at once. This can be done per year. It only updates the entries which are deleted in Exact Online.

4. Resynchronizing synchronized journal entries

Due to changes in the past, or an adjustment in your ledger account structure, it may be that the existing synchronizations no longer match the data in Booking Experts.
Of course you want to restore this connection, for this you can resynchronize the synchronizations already done. 
1. Go to the relevant configuration;
2. At the journal entries, click View;
3. Click on the desired start date;
Please Note! First delete the related journal entry in Exact Online before performing the next step you will resynchronize it. 

4. Click Synchronize Again to resynchronize the journal entry and update it in Exact Online.

5. Errors

Below are the most common error messages and solutions for interfacing with Exact online.

Low (9.0%): Low (9.0%): Invalid: Type (Account payable VAT) Invalid: Type (Account receivable VAT)

The error message means that these journal entries cannot be synchronized due to the VAT codes. This is because the account type in Exact is not valid for VAT. You can solve this by changing the type in Exact.

At 'Account to be paid / recovered VAT the trick is to fill in the account there for the VAT to be paid. Which number you use there for low or high. 

Missing: VAT code

The VAT codes set in Booking Experts do not match the codes known in Exact Online. You need to adjust the VAT codes in Booking Experts to the code in Exact Online.

Journal entry of XXXX: Not allowed: VAT code

In Exact Online the journal should be set to VAT.

The general ledger account 1000 is now type ''Cash'' (10)

You solve this by looking up the general ledger in Exact and changing the type there so it becomes a general account. Sometimes it's not possible to change a general ledger account in Exact, for example if it's a fixed general ledger account/diary such as Cash and Bank or if it's a general ledger account type of a category with restrictions. 
In that case you will create a new account in Exact as we use suspense accounts for cash. Think of a ledger 'cash Booking Experts' with its own number. Then from Booking Experts we put all the cash on that. We recommend to use a separate number for this, so you keep a good overview. Because of the different numbers you can immediately see that different settings apply. 
Please note that the new ledger should not be of the cash type, but a general account.

Journal entry: 07-07-2020: Blocked: Ledger Account: 85071 - Turnover Cafeteria

You need to log into Exact and unblock the ledger account. Then this can be resynchronized from Booking Experts.

Journaalpost: 09-07-2020: Failed to parse response: { "error":"invalid_grant","error_description":"The user is not active" }

An user sets the authorization; that means, you give Booking Experts an authorization to make bookings in Exact Online on behalf of the user. If this user no longer has access to Exact, the link with Booking Experts will also be broken. A new authorization will then have to be done by a user who still has access in Exact. 

Value": "Forbidden - User division is not within division scope.

You can fix this error message by re-authorizing the Exact Online App from within Booking Experts. At the top of Booking Experts, click on the market stall. Then navigate to Exact Online and there click on Authorize Exact Online. 

"Ledger account 'Ongecategoriseerde omzet' has no number and can therefore not be synced. Please update the ledger account in Booking Experts so that it has a number."

This means that ledger account 'Uncategorized revenue' does not have a number and therefore cannot be synchronized. Update this ledger number in Booking Experts so that it has a number. Then you can resynchronize the journal entry.

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