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Do you already work with the payment provider Or would you like to work with them? In this article we explain how you can install this App for your own administration(s). 

1. Create an account
2. Install the application
3. Connecting payment provider in Booking Experts
4. Pin payments via PAY pin terminal

1. Create an account

Do you want to handle online payments properly and also want a payment solution on location, via pin? Then you should work with The pin terminals link automatically through the App with Booking Experts. No separate set-up is needed for this. You can also use the pin devices to pay back.

1. Create an account using this link;
2. Check the box for a  Promotion or Partner Code and enter there: BOOKINGEXPERTS.
3. Go through the steps and register your account. 

2. Install the application

Here we explain how to install the App.
1. Click on the icon for the App Store;
2. Next, choose the App;
3. At the application, click Install;
4. Here you see an overview of what the application can see in your administration(s);
5. Choose the administration(s) for which this application should be installed and click Install;
6. The app is authorized. Click on OK to continue.
The application has been installed successfully! 🎉

3. Connecting payment provider in Booking Experts

Once you have created an account with and installed the App, you can link it in Booking Experts. Per administration and currency you can link a separate payment provider app. To link a payment provider app you need to complete the following steps:
1. Go via the gear icon to the submenu Paymenproviders;
2. Click New to create a new link;
3. Select the Paymentprovider app;
4. Enter a Description for the payment provider app;
5. Select the Payment provider app ( created for this purpose;
6. Indicate whether this payment provider may be used for payments through the cash register;
    Please note: do you use terminals that you want to link? Then you need to turn on the cash register.
7. Choose, if available for the checkout, which payment method you want to use for this (ideally, create a new payment method for this);
8. Choose to which invoices this applies; 
9. Select the desired Payment Method for the payments;
10. Click on Save paymentprovider app;
11. If necessary, assign the payment provider app to the appropriate currency;
12. Return to the payment provider overview and click Instellingen (settings);

13. Enter the requested information;

  • AT-code*
  • API Token*
  • Service ID

14. Click on Validate. 

4. Pin payments via PAY pin terminal

When you do a payment through the cash register or on a reservation and you choose the payment method pin, the screen will open, allowing you to control the desired pinterminal. Do you have several terminals? Then you have the choice for each payment. 

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